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We help people of all ages in 78249 with whiplash injuries. 

If you have experienced whiplash, our 78249 chiropractors can help!


Every day thousands of people are injured from auto accidents, ranging from small fender benders to very severe auto accidents, causing whiplash and dislocation as well as neck, back, and shoulder misalignmen

Until recently, the cause of the pain resulting from a whiplash injury was poorly understood.  Also, as a result of legal and insurance issues, people who complained of neck pain and symptoms after an accident were often viewed as suspect.  Recent research has helped to clarify why people involved in a rear end collision experience a greater incidence of injury than those in other types of accidents.  This new information is important for the doctor treating whiplash pain, since it impacts upon how to best serve the person who is suffering from these injuries.

Whiplash injuries are often very complex, and can include a variety of related problems including:

Neck Pain
Neck pain is the most frequent symptoms for people in a car accident. Neck pain is reported by injured drivers 90% of the time. Neck pain can range from neck stiffness, tightness, and decreased range of motion to excruciating neck pain. Severe whiplash injuries can cause fractures of the cervical vertebra. Fracture of the neck can cause spinal cord damage. Fractures and spinal cord damage are a medical emergency and need immediate emergency medical treatment.


Joint Dysfunction:

One or more joints of the spine may loose its proper resiliency and shock absorption resulting in a restricted range of movement and pain.

Disc Herniation:

A whiplash accident may injure the discs between the bones of the spine leading to small tears.  These small tears allow the jelly-like center or nucleus to bulge out causing pressure on delicate, sensitive spinal nerves.  These injuries can create pain which radiates from the neck into the arm, and can also cause numbness, tingling and even grip strength and arm weakness.

Other issues from whiplash include:

It is important to seek care from one of our car accident chiropractorsEveryone in your car involved in the collision should get checked and evaluated for spinal injury and misalignment.  Symptoms may take up to 6 weeks, in some cases even 6 months, to show up following an accident.  We accept Letters of Protection from most attorneys, work with local doctors and imaging centers, and will make sure you feel right at home on each visit.

Want to Know More About Whiplash?
Read more about whiplash causes and ways we can help by visiting our blog here.

Whiplash Help From Our
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With convenient chiropractic clinic locations, and more coming soon, we are here to help you achieve optimal health, not just “pre-accident status”.


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