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Blunt Abdominal Trauma Results in Organ Injury

Blunt Abdominal Trauma Results in Organ Injury

In an article by Jaggard Johal, and Choudhry (2011), the authors discussed the incidence of blunt abdominal trauma resulting in organ injury. They reported that, "Blunt abdominal trauma will result in organ injury in 10% to 22% of cases" (p. 1005). The incidence of gallbladder injury among blunt and penetrating abdominal trauma was reported as between 1.9% and 2.1%. The authors state that, "road traffic accidents remain the most common cause [of blunt trauma]. This is usually as a result of steering-wheel or seat-belt trauma (Jaggard et al., 2011, p. 1005).

"Gallbladder injuries have received various classifications over the years. Most simple is the distinction of contusion, laceration/perforation, and avulsion" (Jaggard et al., 2011, p. 1006). The different classifications of injury present with varying symptoms and are often a diagnostic dilemma due to additional abdominal injuries that can be associated with the trauma. "The patient usually has vague abdominal pain and occasionally a period of remission depending on the type of gallbladder injury" (Jaggard et al., 2011, p. 1005).

This study focused on the incidence of gallbladder injury. Although gallbladder injury is rare, it is seen with abdominal trauma. It is important to take a complete history and perform a complete physical examination to fully understand the magnitude of the patient's symptoms so appropriate referrals can be made.


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Jaggard, M. K., Johal, N. S., & Choudhry, M. (2011). Blunt abdominal trauma resulting in gallbladder injury: A review with emphasis on pediatrics. The Journal of TRAUMA Injury, Infection, and Critical Care, 70(4), 1005-1010



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