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Car Accidents Cause Extra-Cervical Injuries

Car Accidents Cause Extra-Cervical Injuries

A recent study was carried out to determine the significance of trauma to the upper body, in the development of injury to the nerves of the upper extremity. Many times trauma patients present with feelings of “heaviness,” numbness and tingling, along with easy fatigability of the upper limb. Kai et al. (2001) state, “The frequency of occurrence, the long period of convalescence, the financial loss through disability, and the inevitable medical–legal complications all make NTOS (Neurogenic Thoracic Outlet syndrome) one of the most prevalent and important posttraumatic problems faced by the medical profession” (p. 493). When examining the traumatically injured, highly trained astute clinicians will look at all areas of the body, including the thoracic outlet, for objective findings to explain causality and persistent functional losses. This is often confused with other maladies and the chronic condition goes undiagnosed.


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Kai, Y., Oyama, M., Kurose, S., Inadome, T., Oketani, Y., & Masuda, Y. (2001). Neurogenic thoracic outlet syndrome in whiplash injury. Journal of Spinal Disorders, 14(6), 487-493.



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