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Females Injured More Than Males

Females Injured More Than Males

In an article by Stemper et al. (2008), they reported looking at structural differences in genders and how those differences contributed to spinal stability. This study compared male and female size matched volunteers and looked at geometry of the cervical spine. The authors found, “Present results demonstrated that structural geometry may contribute to decreased spinal stability in women” (Stemper et al., 2008, p. E47). They went on to state, “The complete explanation may be multifactorial, incorporating structure, material properties, and neck muscle strength” (Stemper et al., 2008, p. E47-E48).

Cervical spine stability influences the susceptibility of the occupant to injury. Although cervical spine stability has many components, “The present study demonstrated male spinal geometry may add stability to the cervical column...Clinical Studies support this conclusion by demonstrating increased injury rates in women. Although other factors may affect this gender discrepancy, present results provide a possible explanation for increase female traumatic injury rates” (Stemper et al., 2008, p. E48).

This study focused on the incidence of injury between males and females. This is important in the evaluation and treatment of the traumatically injured because understanding the role geometry plays on spinal stability will assist the doctor in forming an accurate diagnosis, prognosis and treatment plan.


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