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"Trust the Experts"

So, this is our first official blog post.....and if I am being quite honest with you, writing is fun for me. I hope you get as much value out of this blog as I get providing you with the most up-to-date science and research and information regarding spinal and joint injuries. Ya see... a lot of patients come to us first, before attorneys get involved, and their life is chaos from the accident they were in. Their life is turned upside down and life can feel like the picture below... HAVE NO FEAR, the Spinal Injury Experts are here!

When you call our office number, 210.960.PAIN (7246), you will be directed to our location directory. For our office located on the Southside of SA, press 1. For our chiropractic office located off I-35 and Loop 410 on the Northeast Side of San Antonio, press 2. For our chiropractic office located on the Northwest side near UTSA, off of De Zavala and I-10 by the Medical Center, press 3. For Boerne / Hill Country, press 4. And, to see one of our chiropractors at our Comfort / Kerrville office, press 5! All offices work with patients under LOP (Letter of Protection), as well as un-represented patients as well. A vast majority of our patients who come in after a car crash continue on with wellness / stabilization care after to maintain and / or continue their progress towards optimal health. What a lot of patients do not know at first is that some injuries, like whiplash, headaches, low back pain, and others can last for years.


Press 1 to schedule.

Then, press 1 for South San Antonio

2 for Northeast San Antonio

3 for Northwest San Antonio

4 for Boerne / Hill Country

5 for Comfort / Kerrville

This blog is written for you, to understand the devastating effects of injury following a motor vehicle collision. IF you are a personal injury attorney that works with injured clients, this blog is for you. IF you are a prospective patient looking to understand your condition or find a provider, this blog is for you too. IF you are just simply interested in learning more about spinal injury and mechanical pain conditions, this blog can provide tons of value for your life and education. Please don't think we can diagnose you in one article, or are attempting to treat or cure anything. We gotta say that, otherwise we get in trouble.



Pain, Pain, Go Away: We will help you understand the causes of pain following a collision!

Spinal Injury: Age dating disc trauma, STI, morphology, ligament issues, and more!

The SICOSA Difference: Why attorneys work with us and why patients love us!


Pain, Pain, Go Away!

Here's the deal..... not everyone's pain is the same. Neck pain for you is different than it is for me. I have two kids and have been heard saying they are a pain in the neck... haha. As parenting is not a topic that is covered throughout our blog, we will talk about the true causes of pain conditions.

In February 2013, I was in a very serious car crash. At the time of impact, I was in the rear passenger seat, leaning over my infant daughter's car seat (holding her head back like a good chiropractor), rotated looking out the window. My seat belt was draped over my right bicep and my arm was resting on the door. A Texas size Jeep came barreling into the back of our car going 50+ milles per hour, and INSTANTLY, I herniated three discs in my low back and tore my shoulder up in 4+ locations. I couldn't hardly walk, my back seized up like a 100 year old engine, and for months after when I walked it felt like I was walking on broken glass and someone was holding a blow torch behind my knees. Through six months of constant rehabilitation, 10+ trips to chiropractors and spinal injury experts around the country, I finally got to a state where I could at least work without pain. I remember counting the steps from my bed to the bathroom to work every day. If you want a chiropractor who understands your injury but ALSO understands your pain..... give us a call at 210-960-PAIN. I can share with you all the research in the world, but why not just come see us and do a pre-care consultation to see if we can even help you.

Thousands of patients under the care of chiropractors in our group with 100 years of experience in a profession that addresses the cause, not just relieves the symptoms. I'd say that's worth a try. is your go-to place for understanding the effects of a car crash, and our offices all over the San Antonio metroplex have the doctors who are ready to help you! We see new patients from 7am to 7pm week days in most of our clinics, and will get you in within 24 hours.

Spinal Injury: Age dating disc trauma, STI, morphology, ligament issues, and more!

Not our sexiest topic, but this is where we nerd out and share the science with you. We will have posts on all types of topics. We would so much rather show you how much we care before showing you how much we know..... however, it's such a great bonus to know that your care in our office will be the most valuable asset to your recovery, we look forward to proving it to you.

We have a science-backed approach to age dating spinal disc injury and pathology. What's new?? What's old?? How do you know?? What is the clinical relationship to a finding on a report and a symptom in an office?? STI--- What is it??? (soft tissue injury) The soft tissue of the spine does not only consists of discs and muscles. What about ligaments, instabilities, facet joint disorders, and the neurological components involved in nearly every....single....motor vehicle collision. Why can more spinal injuiries occur under ten miles per hour than over ten miles per hour? We will answer these questions and so much more in our blog!

The SICOSA Difference: Why attorneys work with us and why patients love us!

1) We don't guess, we test. On-site at all of our clinics is state of the art imaging and examination tools. Appropriate and medically necessary referrals are made immediately. Our new patient forms are digital and we run a paper-less operation for the benefit of our patient and efficiency in their visits to our offices.

2) Our focus is on the patient's well-being and condition. Our patient/customer service is unmatched in the industry. 70%+ of our injured patients continue care beyond their initial plan of care. Patients receive home care instructions and guidance throughout their care, leading to longer lasting results and lifestyle change.

3) In nearly every circumstance, we are willing to wait for compensation for our care until the case has ended. In some cases, this may mean we are waiting many months, even years.


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