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Ever broken a bone? I sure hope not! But, if you have, below you will find an explanation of what types of fractures are possible if or when you have been injured in the past. Remember the phrase growing up "sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me"? Well, so can seatbelts, air bags, car mirrors, the dash, car door, and virtually anything your body comes in contact that hits you hard enough. Rib fractures can be the WORST, but fractures are never fun to recover from. I am hopeful this post brings knowledge to you, of course. In our offices, we do NOT treat fractures. But, we very often will find them hidden in the spine or joints that we take radiographs of and refer 1) appropriately and 2) immediately. Proper splinting and casting, surgical intervention, and even pain interventions are necessary in many cases involving fractures. Where we come in is when a patient is post-surgical/casting and the patient needs to rehab the muscles and joints around the bone to help the body get to it's "PRE ACCIDENT STATUS". This isn't always possible, but we sure try! Call us today to see if we can help-- 210-960-7246.


Compound fracture: The broken bone is exposed through a wound in the skin.

Oblique fracture: The line of break runs obliquely to the axis of the bone.

Spiral fracture: The line of break is helical.

Comminuted fracture: The separated parts are splintered or fragmented.


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