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Low Speed Collisions and Lower Back Pain (LBP)

Low Speed Collisions and Lower Back Pain

A car crash is a traumatic event, at any level. Emotionally, mentally, physically, financially, and potentially even socially. Many things are involved. Following a traumatic event, properly correlating bodily injury is critical in order to establish a proper diagnosis, prognosis and treatment plan. In a recent study published in 2010 by Beattie and Lovell, the authors stated that the study, “…aims to explore the perception that at low energy a supported back should not be injured and a back injury without a neck injury should be unlikely” (p. 144).

The authors reported, “We found that a claimed back injury following a WAD [whiplash associated disorder] was independent of both accident severity and accident vectors, approximately 40% claiming injury in low, medium and high violence groups and with rear, frontal and side impact” (Beattie & Lovell, 2010, p. 144). They further said, “Occupant bracing was not protective” (Beattie & Lovell, 2010, p. 144).

Image Compliments of Medical Legal Art via The Doe Report ( Copyright © 2010 Medical Legal Art, All rights reserved. This research paper shows once again that human beings are not machines and each injury has to be handled on its own merits. Trauma victims must be evaluated by a clinician that is familiar with the clinical research and understands how causality and body injury correlate.


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Beattie, N., & Lovell, M. E. (2010). Can patients with low energy whiplash associated disorder develop low back pain? International Journal of the Care of the Injured,41(2), 144-146.



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