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New Patients

San Antonio chiropractors

Are you new to Spine and Injury Centers of San Antonio?

Welcome! Here are some things to expect during your first appointment. First we'll have you fill out some brief paperwork, giving us a history. Then we'll provide you with a consultation to review your case, and provide you with an examination. During this time, x-rays and other additional tests may be recommended to help us diagnose and treat your injury and pain. Once finished, your friendly chiropractor will be able to provide you with next steps and set up a treatment plan specialized for you. We may also send you home with activities or procedures that you can do at home.

Why Choose Our San Antonio Chiropractors?

Our five star service starts from your first interaction with us. The phone call. Call us first when you have been injured. Your health is your first priority THEN your car and property. Can you guess what our first priority is too? YOUR HEALTH! Everyone in your car involved in the collision should get checked and evaluated for spinal injury and misalignment. Symptoms may take up to 6 weeks, in some cases even 6 months, to show up following an accident. We accept Letters of Protection from most attorneys, work with local doctors and imaging centers, and will make sure you feel right at home on each visit. With convenient locations, and more coming soon, we are here to help you achieve optimal health, not just “pre-accident status”. We have 5 personal injury clinics throughout the San Antonio area.

Call today to book your appointment with one of our San Antonio chiropractors.



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