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Objectifying Ligament Injury in the Cervical Spine

Objectifying Ligament Injury in the Cervical Spine

Traumatic injuries to the cervical spine can injure many sensitive structures including the ligaments that hold the vertebrae together. These ligaments connect the bones and allow movement within a certain “normal” limit. When these structures are overstretched by traumatic forces, they are torn, resulting in the formation of scar tissue. The problem is a normal ligament has elastic properties, allowing it to return to “normal” length. The scarred ligament has no elastic properties. Essentially it turns into a “loose” rubber band.

This injury is generally difficult to identify unless the doctor really knows where and how to look. Properly objectifying this has huge implications for causality. In a study on George’s Line by Muggleton and Allen (1998), the authors discussed different measurement protocols and compared them.

The authors state, “The concept of George’s line provides an ideal against which measured positions of vertebrae acquired in vivo [in the body] can be compared” (Muggleton & Allen, 1998, p. 31). If you are unfamiliar with George’s Line and how it can be used to objectify bodily injury, please contact the doctor that provided this information. It is a technical skill that only the best of the best understand.



Muggleton, J. M., & Allen, R. (1998). Insights into the measurement of vertebral translation in the saggital plane. Mechanical Engineering & Physics, 20(1), 21-32.


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