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Pre-Existing Arthritis Leads to Cervical Damage in Whiplash

Pre-Existing Arthritis Leads to Increased Cervical Damage in Whiplash Cases

Main theme: If you already have arthritis in your spine, and are involved in a motor vehicle accident, you will have an increased chance of more devastating injury to your spine and body than someone who does not already have arthritic changes in their spine or body.

In previous posts, we have established that pre-existing arthritis renders the whiplash victim more susceptible to bodily injury in trauma. We further find in a rear-impact victim without arthritis, there may be nerve root compression.

However, when there are spondylolytic changes (arthritis) in the foramina (hole between the vertebrate), the ‘injury risk greatly increases and spreads to include both multiple cervical ganglia (bundles of nerves) and nerve roots.”

This was concluded by Panjabi, Maak, Ivancic, and Ito (2006), who also concluded that these "injuries may lead to permanent structural damage causing chronic radicular symptoms." Radicular symptomatology includes pain, weakness and numbness in the upper extremities. It should be noted that since spondylolytic changes in the foramen are present in most arthritics, this is a very common finding.


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