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San Antonio Injury Chiropractor

Your Trusted San Antonio Injury Chiropractor!

If you're dealing with the aftermath of an injury, we understand the importance of finding effective, compassionate care. At South Texas Spine and Knee, we specialize in providing comprehensive chiropractic services tailored to help you recover from injuries and regain optimal health.

5 Star Rated San Antonio Injury Chiropractor

Chiropractic spinal manipulation helps return the spine and neck vertebrae back into is proper order to reduce inflammation and pain cause by the effects of an auto accident as well as decrease the recovery time of the patient.  Returning the vertebrae, discs and spinal column back to its original alignment reduces the strain put on other muscles, tendons and ligaments that often overcompensate for the injury.


A chiropractic adjustment helps increase proper blood circulation to the injured area, encourages range of motion and flexibility and alleviates pain to speed the recovery time that will allow a patient to return to normal activity.

Regardless of how serious your auto accident, you should seek care just in case. Imaging and other tests can tell us whether or not your body will need rehabilitation. Our car accident chiropractors can help you!

​What Are the Common Injuries That Our Injury Chiropractor Treats?

  • Neck Injuries. You may experience various symptoms, including a decreased range of motion, a nearly immobilizing crick, debilitating pain, trouble walking, and even weakness in your arms and legs.

  • Back and Spinal Injuries. Patients often experience a muscle strain in their lower back after an auto accident, but there are other potential issues at stake. Symptoms of back and spinal injuries include stiffness, soreness, decreased mobility, and inability to function normally.

  • Whiplash Injuries. Symptoms of whiplash may look similar to those of neck and back injuries, but whiplash takes everything to another painful and distressing level. Monitor yourself for neck pain, dizziness, inflammation, arm pain, numbness or tingling, stiffness, reduced concentration and clear thought, TMJ or jaw pain, depression, spinal and disc issues, and lower back pain and stiffness. 

Want to Know More About Car Accident Injury Pain?
Read more about car accident injury pain causes and ways we can help by visiting our blog here.

san antonio car accident chiropractor

Your Local San Antonio Injury Chiropractor

Our five star service starts from your first interaction with us.  The phone call.  Call us first when you have been injured. 


Your health is your first priority THEN your car and property.  Can you guess what our first priority is too?  YOUR HEALTH! 


With convenient chiropractic clinic locations, and more coming soon, we are here to help you achieve optimal health, not just “pre-accident status”.


We have 5 personal injury clinics throughout the San Antonio area.

> Request your appointment TODAY!

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